MDVI - A free, high quality DVI previewer for TeX

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MDVI aims to provide a library that can be used to implement DVI drivers easily. A DVI driver is included, and uses the X Window System to display files. However, MDVI is in its very early stages of development. In fact, as of this writing (May 2001), it is less than four months old. You will probably find things that don't work as they should, or that simply don't work at all. Please consider taking the time to report them.

Most of the current work on MDVI is in the correctness of the output, rather than on fancy features of the viewer proper. If you find a DVI file that does not display correctly, please report that as a bug and submit a sample file that triggers the problem.



The features that MDVI currently lacks, but which we expect to implement soon, are:


Additional Packages

For your downloading conveniencce, all the packages used by MDVI can be downloaded from this page:

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